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Software Engineer Co-op

MySQL, Docker, Helm, Cloudformation
  • Configured deployment and networking using Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Cloudformation and shell scripts.
  • Upgraded service to use TLS, wrote custom script to manage certificates.
  • Reconfigured a redundant AWS instance for development and production environments, saving $500 a year.
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Software Engineer Co-op

Javascript, Typescript, React, Next.js
  • Developed multiple React/Next.js shareable components and pages written in both JavaScript and TypeScript, including building the legend and modal for the wildfire risk map.
  • Prevented page-crashing bug by adding missing points to incomplete polygons in the properties map.
  • Fixed bug where state would go out of sync on slow internet connections by validating order of responses.
  • Reduced page load times by reworking API calls with GraphQL to cut number of calls by 50%.
  • Mitigated the risk of cross-site scripting by sanitizing results intended for rendering on the page
  • Prevented unnecessary redirects and 404s by fixing URL generation and parsing inconsistencies.
  • Initiated cross-team interest in WebAssembly with an informational slideshow, leading to new prototype project.
  • Maintained over 80% test coverage using Jest and React Testing Library.